Starting, finally!

The beginning of a neverending journey...

Since I was a kid, I've been amazed by computers.

I remember watching a scene from "The Six Million Dollar Man" where this big panels, filled-up with small lights, were simulating a computer hidden inside some underground layer where Steve Austin was trying to save, once again, the world. And I was mesmerized by what a computer could be capable of.

For a long time I was interested on the hardware side of computers, but it-s been lately that I have felt attracted to all that Machine Learning, Data Science are able to provide us to improve the quality of our life in so many levels: Astronomy, Medicine, Economy, Biology, Mathematics, Physics and almost anything that can provide us with a metric or objective parameter to measure is possible to be analyzed under these new technologies.

So, finally I am starting into Data Science, and I am sure this will be a long, satisfying, and prolific journey.

I'm excited!

I'll keep you guys posted.